About us

About us

We are a team of creative and passionated people continuously in search for innovative and advanced cycling components, manufactured according to the highest quality requirements.


 Lievin Malfait and Gilbert Storme, inventors of the PowerCurve non circular chainwheel, are Belgian engineers, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. They combine an extensive background and in depth knowledge of (bio-)mechanics, engineering, manufacturing, CAD design and mathematical modelling to create premium science based non circular chainwheels and other bike parts.



The PowerCurve oval chainrings are manufactured by HP Techniek bv, Barneveld (Netherlands).

HP Techniek bv is a dynamic organisation with more than 30 years of experience in industrial supply, owned and managed by Malouel L’Hoest, engineer and Master in Mechanical Engineering.

They are specialised in the manufacturing of machine parts and components, mostly produced by CNC-turning and -milling combined with finishing operations, high quality parts with narrow tolerances, processed according to the specifications, standards and procedures of the customer.

HP Techniek bv is flexible, maintains high quality standards and is price competitive.  The company continuously invests in knowledge, state-of-the art equipment and CAD-CAM software up to 5 axis. The craftsmanship of the highly skilled and well-trained staff is their major asset.

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